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Capture Australia’s unlimited FREE energy source & provide up to 80% of your hot water heating needs.

Slimline roof mount solar hot water heaters are traditional close-coupled thermosiphon systems, combining an aesthetically pleasing low-profile tank, with double insulated solar collectors, which makes iHeat Australia’s choice for energy efficient hot water heating.

The Rooftop range includes both open loop & closed loop models, with flexible installation options & attract the some of the highest government incentives available.

Slimline open & closed loop

iHeat’s open loop range is perfectly paired to warmer climates. Direct heating transfer from the collector to the tank provides maximum efficiency. iHeat’s double insulated, all copper collector provides maximum efficiency for even the largest hot water demand. iHeat’s closed loop is our toughest model yet.

Incorporating advanced heat exchanger technology, overheating protection device & super efficient heat transfer fluid provides maximum solar contribution in the coldest areas of Australia.

The versatile design of iHeat Slimeline Closed Loop range allows installation in poor water quality areas and remote locations. No need for electrical pumps & can be connected to alternate energy sources the perfect off-grid solution.



Key Features:

Optimal Sun Tracking - Solar collection for longer periods

Frost Resistant - High performance in cold conditions

Plumber Friendly - Universal components & easy installation

Performs on overcast days - Excellent performance on cloudy or overcast days

Lightweight & Durable - Safe for all roof types.

Minimal Maintenance - Less cleaning required


Information & Tech Specs

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Solar Hot Water Rooftop Brochure


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