From the CEO

All In

It is my pleasure to present Consolidated Energy’s 3 year strategic plan 2019 - 2021. The theme of “ALL IN” summarises the direction of our internal culture, our resolve to make our plan happen, how we will work hard with each other, but more importantly, how we will work together with our suppliers and customers - we’re ALL IN it together!

Consolidated Energy has been built on a strong foundation of being the supplier of choice for a broad range of building products. That foundation has now given us the opportunity to pivot and build a new “structure” on top of this strong base. A structure that recognises that we can be so much more to our customers; we have the real opportunity to make our customers succeed, to make their goals become a reality. This is our focus and this is the reason we exist.

The next 3 years

Our name change is coming at the right time in our company’s history. It’s a symbol in more ways than one. Internally, the concept of consolidation will give us all a focus to stop, consider our current practices and change the way we do things in order to make them better. To the market, it will give clarity about who we are and a clear direction about our product range and the way we do business. 

The next 3 years will come and go very quickly and I am so excited that our leadership team, around the company has already embraced our ALL IN mantra. We have a lot of work to do, but I know and believe that as a team, we can achieve so much more than as individuals. The next 3 years will have very distinct phases; companies, like houses are not built in a day. To make our plan become a reality we will need to “Consolidate”, “Invest in our people”, and “Grow”.


In 2019, a number of planned and structured activities will see the company aligned towards our customer centric goals. National and State Structures, People Partners and Culture, Systems and Processes, Sales and Marketing, ... virtually every function in the business will have the spot light shone on it in order for us to consolidate or combine our efforts to make our product and service offering geared towards exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Invest in our people

In 2020, we will continue to grow our capacity to service our customers by developing our people. We will be known for excellence in customer service only when we have the best people passionately working in the company. We will only get the best when we invest in our people – in their professional development, their wellbeing, in all areas. Our aim to become an employer of choice won’t happen by magic, it will happen when we make it happen... it will happen when we are ALL IN.


In 2021, we will focus on our growth phase. We will have confidence in this phase because we have all put the effort in. Like an elite team, our training and our understanding of how we work together will allow us to stand out in the market place. Our people, our partners our systems and processes will all be aligned to allow the company to provide superior service and allow our customers to succeed like they never have before.

Can we do it? Words spoken or on paper are just words. We CAN do it, but only if we are ALL IN together. I am encouraging each and every one of our staff, our suppliers and our customers to join our 3 year plan. ALL IN requires a mindset change, a new way of doing things. It starts in the mind and actions follow. Join with me and start the ALL IN journey today.


David Waterman

CEO, Consolidated Energy

Our Mission


“To be the supplier of choice, by making things simple for our customers and putting them first”.

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Our Why


“In everything we do at Consolidated Energy, we put the customer first by making it simpler for them to achieve their goals.”

“We put our customers first by making our systems efficient and providing a first class service. We build lifelong partnerships with our customers and we do everything we can to deliver our products and services right the first time, every time”.

“We are the best distributor of energy efficient products and services for the building industry.”


Our Values

Values in action are Behaviours which in turn becomes our Culture

  • Trust

  • Friendships

  • Vision

  • Honesty

  • Grow & Improve

  • Personal Development

  • Commitment

  • Teamwork

  • Fun

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